PVCu Windows and Doors

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At HHI we install the unique Ultra window and doors systems.  Its sharp lines and smooth finish means you have a very modern looking window system which compliments any home.

Whether it’s replacing windows in a domestic home, a new build home or using Ultra to complete a commercial contract our design team will come up with a window solution that has many advantages and is the best value for money around.

Combine all this with the following advantages:


  • HHI have been trading since 1980’s
  • We have six branches throughout the province
  • Our windows and doors are fixed using expanding foam and screws
  • All windows and doors are internally glazed for security
  • There are 8 internal chambers for better strength and energy efficiency
  • Bevelled frame on the outside, choice of bevelled or sculpted on the inside



As soon as you look at the Ultra Plus you will realise that both visually and technical it is a superior window.  It is fully sculptured outside and inside and hosts a range of extra high security fittings combined with Elite glass units for extra insulation.  As well as the above advantages it also hosts these extra features:

  • Fully sculptured frames
  • Elite low E glass units (1.1 U value)
  • ‘A’ rated window available
  • The windows are fitted with high security fittings
  • PAS 23 and PAS 24 accredited
  • Doors fitted with high security fittings
  • Anti tamper door locks fitted as standard

Whether it’s a new build house, a domestic replacement, or a new commercial project contact us for a free survey and quotation and let one of our experienced surveyors demonstrate the Ultra or Ultra Plus window system to you.


What is the Scrappage Scheme?

The Scrappage Scheme is very simple, giving you money for your old windows, whilst also offering you a discount on your brand new window frames too. You can receive up to £100 per window for your old windows, going towards your upgrade to new energy efficient glazing. When we remove your old windows and doors, we will try to recycle every component no matter how big or small.

Why choose the Scrappage Scheme?

  • All materials are recycled responsibly
  • Rather than paying to send product to landfill, we pass the savings to you
  • The environment benefits from the scheme
  • Your home becomes more energy efficient
  • You save money because of this over years to come

Now is probably the best time to upgrade your windows to energy efficient ones as energy companies are once again, hiking up their prices!